ONION links for entering HYDRA via TOR

Below is a list of mirrors (links) whose name ends with the onion postfix. This type of links cannot be opened through a regular browser or VPN. You can go to such an address only through TOR.

If you are on this page already from the TOR browser, then you can simply click on the mirror link. If you visit the site through a regular browser, then click on the "copy" button and the selected mirror will already be in your clipboard to paste it into the address bar of the torus.

HYDRA mirrors for regular internet

The following links are mirrors for a regular browser (bypassing the Roskomnadzor blocking). Although this method seems simpler, we recommend, if possible, to pass traffic through a VPN, in order to avoid information leakage between your device and our server by means of the provider.

You can also copy the link to save in notes or bookmarks. Also, these links work through the TOP browser in the same way as from the usual home or mobile Internet.

The rating of an address is made up of statistics on response, availability, and rate of transmission of requests to the user. Statistics are updated once a day

Mirror hydra


HYDRA mirror


Hydra Mirror


Mirror HYDRA


In this case, rather than in the previous one, you must choose the mirror with the highest download rate. The mirrors are divided into 4 groups. The focus group for mobile devices includes all tablets and phones from any manufacturer.

Hydra mobile mirror response statistics (via TOR)

Mirrors of the Hydra

Mirrors HYDRA

Hydra address

HYDRA website