How do I open HYDRA?

So you've decided to visit Hydra. At the first step, let's choose from which device you will access the TOR network, and select the required browser distribution kit. Please click on the required device type. Loading will occur TOR browser... If you have an iPhone, then follow the link in the AppStore. it is listed below. Recall Hydra Marketplace is a site where anyone can buy and sell gray market products. Due to the high degree of security, the client does not have to fear that his online activity will attract the attention of law enforcement agencies.

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Linus Torvalds - Created Linux.

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Download TOR Browser for HYDRA ONION

1. From the official site or select the version below to download:

TOR for hydra on Windows

Latest version for: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003 Server, ME, and Windows 98SE

TOR for HYDRA at Apple

iOS monitors network traffic, which can lead to routing over a normal connection.

TOR for Hydra Linux

The archive includes both pre-compiled binaries and packages for different systems.


For all Android devices and processor architectures. Supported: arch64, arm, x86_64, x86.

2. Go to the site of Hydra

Open the hydra website


Open a new browser to enter hydra

Depending on the type of device and operating system, the location of the shortcut and / or launch icon may differ.


Follow the link to hydra

You need to copy the link http://hydraclbbg7tspwiknhejpewdzatd5egkw67pa3e64ipzde3z4hopmqd.onion with the http protocol. If the browser follows https, the site will not open. More about this and other Hydra addresses in the section hydra mirrors


Enter captcha on hydraruzxpnew4af

The character input language is English. Case (capital or small letters) does not matter. Be careful.

It's time to create an account on HYDRA


Come up with a unique login no longer than 16 characters, containing only Latin letters and numbers. Keep this username and password secret. It will be used to enter the site as an identifier.

Display Name

The name under which other users will see you. You cannot fill in the login field and display name identical. This will allow cybercriminals to guess the password for your account.


Must contain lower and upper case Latin letters. Figures and specials symbols (lattice, wax. sign, comma, etc.). The more ISLOGICAL and more complex the password, the more difficult it is to guess it.

Product search on Hydra

We have listed the methods of finding the necessary product, and the methods of first acquaintance with the assortment of Hydra stores. Recall that Hydra is not a direct seller, it is a platform for stores, which, in turn, make a deal with a buyer through pre-order or instant sales.

List of HYDRA store categories

The first item of the horizontal menu of the site is clickable and includes a drop-down menu with a list of root sections of products sold on Hydra. When you click in the left column, a list of categories opens, and when you click on an item, a list of subcategories opens. Below the enumeration is the filter. In it, you can specify the status of the store ("Reliable" - means filtering by the number of transactions and positive reviews of the store. "Only manufacturers" - removes from the display all stores that do not have the status of a manufacturer. "Without digital" - filtering digital goods (instructions, accesses, etc.)

TOP-20 stores on the main hydra

The main page with a list of TOP-20 stores looks different for each region. Many buyers are repelled from interacting with the store by the idea that this advertising space is paid for. But let's think about it, how many stores can afford it?

Search system HYDRA

This search channel for offers published by Hydra stores is suitable for advanced users. Because you need to know the exact name of the product. Due to the fact that in the search results, you may miss some products named a little differently. Although the administration prohibits the use of different names for one type of product, stores can indicate names in slang.

Selected shops and goods on hydra

Although this channel is not an independent source of information, users create it themselves. If you find the product you are interested in, click on the "add to favorites" button to view the product a little later. This feature is convenient in that it leaves no traces in the browser.

Hydra shops by city

If you are already an experienced user, and approximately remember the shops you are interested in. Either you want to filter the required shopping arcade specifically in your city - this method is for you.

Hydra Forum

In the Hydra community (on the forum) there are branches with the names of stores (shopping arcades). Initially, they are ranked by region, then by city. You can see the freshest and hottest discussions only here. In product reviews, it is impossible to write a review after a while, which cannot be said about the forum.

Balance replenishment

Through Bitcoin address / through exchangers... Now we recommend sticking to the main rule - take your time! The slightest mistake in the details can lead either to a delay in payment, or to more disastrous consequences! (including the loss of the transferred amount). Be careful and strictly follow the instructions.


Choosing a deposit method

At your disposal, depending on the age of the account, as well as the history of successful transfers (without canceling payments. Hydra does not like the creation of an infinite number of applications by the user). And the number of buyer transactions. Among the available ones you may be able to access: Transfer to a SIM card (TELE2) Bank transfer to a physical card. persons QIWI transfer Transfer to Yandex.Money Direct transfer to your personal account Bitcoin


We transfer funds

Depending on the method of crediting funds, the user is given a different time for payment and the waiting period for crediting funds. The longest but most economical method is depositing funds through Bitcoin. Waiting for network confirmation can be a little longer than exchangers. But the result is obvious.


We expect a transfer from the Hydra exchanger

When waiting for funds from hydra, we recommend not to close the tab. The average time of receipt of funds is about 15 minutes. If within the specified time your application has been canceled, then it is imperative to photograph the payment receipt, record the exact time of payment and report this information to the hydra exchanger administrator.

Buying on hydra

We pass to the final stage. Now you need to click on the "Confirm order" button. Remember the information below, this is important! There are basically 2 ways to fund your Hydra account. Exchangers and BTC. After transferring through the exchanger, be sure to click the "I paid" button. Expect confirmation of 2 transactions via BTC transfer.

Hydra works 24 hours

Don't forget, the time allotted for a purchase review is 24 hours. If after this time the order is not confirmed, or a dispute is not opened on it, the deal will automatically be closed in favor of the seller. Get instant positions just before exiting.

Check with the HYDRA Administrator for details

If you have any difficulties in the search, you can always write a clarifying question to the store, which in turn will invite the courier to the dialogue, or send additional photos and details about the search. It is not recommended to search at night for security reasons.

Time to find the treasure is limited

The safe time spent in the location is less than 10 minutes. This is quite enough to find treasure even in the dark. Do not unpack, let alone use the product in the search area. This behavior minimizes the chances of being taken to the police station to the maximum.

Login and password from Hydra

We warn you again: do not store photos of locations and treasures, as well as coordinates in the memory of your mobile phone. This is incontrovertible evidence of a crime. Use TOP browser with auto-delete tabs on close. Do not follow the approach to the point while staring at the phone.

Analyze the quest in advance

Carefully study the route to the treasure BEFORE you go to your destination. Do not attract the attention of passers-by, behave calmly and confidently. Think over the movement pattern to the smallest detail and study all the landmarks for quick removal. Match the appearance (dress code) of a specific location.

Don't chat in hydra on the street

Do not engage in real-time dialogue with the store via chat. This behavior causes suspicion among others, which becomes a reason for calling law enforcement agencies. Believe me, the image of a teenager with a telephone has long become a well-established sign of a cladman or a drug addict in society.